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About us – H2Fitness

About us


To Achieve healthier lifestyles, healthier eating habits, and achieve target weight loss.

Welcome to H2Fitness

H2Fitness Bootcamp is a total-body conditioning program designed to improve your: muscular strength, muscular power, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, agility, coordination, speed, and flexibility.

An offshoot of the rigorous military boot camp, it has proved much more beneficial than other methods of weight loss as it provides all-round health improvement...H2 Fitness Boot Camps are designed as an effective way to provide a continuous calisthenics workout. The intensity and continuous exercise movements provide a full workout. Here are some of the reasons why many choose boot camps at H2. We design each boot camp to meet the specific goals of the group and providing individualized attention to each member as NOBODY is left behind. By sharing your goals with others on a team effort it makes the work-out fun & motivating. The cost effective saving of time & money is seen through results in a short time period. Our unique, challenging work-outs provide professional guidance to create a variety of exercises without making it a routine as each training day will slightly increase in intensity without losing the fun. As you will inspire and be inspired by others and create confidence and energy, everyone will go home challenged and renewed!

Meet the trainers...Major & Sargent...Alana Hughes & JT Houston.