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Getting Our City Fit!! Since 2011 H2Fitness has been helping people across Central New York lead healthier lifestyles. But we’re no ordinary gym; we understand that life is about more than working out; Let’s Eat (Healthy), Play (Hard) & Live Life (Out Loud)! Check out one of our awesome classes, get connected and let’s live the #H2LifeStyle today!


We offer a wide variety of classes, programs and routines to help you get your mind, body & spirit fit.


With convienent locations and multiple class offerings through out the week, we are sure to have something for you! 

spread love

Dream Big, Work Hard, Enjoy Life! Spread Love is all about Maximizing this motto and LOVING OUT LOUD!


H2Fitness is a total-body conditioning program designed to improve your: muscular strength, muscular power, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, agility, coordination, speed, and flexibility.

An offshoot of the rigorous military boot camp, it has proved much more beneficial than other methods of weight loss as it provides all-round health improvement.